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This post has been long due. Thought I would bring back my blog alive & so, here I’m (a couple more posts shall follow suit).


Earlier this summer, I worked as a User Experience Design intern at the Bangalore office of Google India.

As indicated from Quora threads as well, I think students who are planning to apply for their Design internship at Google are curious about the whole selection process. I’m here writing down how it went with mine. The process is different for an engineer & a designer & so this post maybe relevant only to a designer.

Selection Process:
The process started around Dec 2012 when details of the internship opportunity came through my university channels. First we had to submit a very basic 2 pages resume & portfolio. The portfolio carries only brief summary of all design projects I’d done so far.

By February 2013, around 6 of us were asked to send over detailed resume & portfolio. This time, specific details were put up on the portfolio. By late March 2013, 4 of us were shortlisted. We were assigned with specific timings for telephonic interviews. Each one of us had to give 2 interviews each which roughly lasted for 45 to 55 mins. Some interns however did have to give 3 telephonic interviews.

By the end of May, 2 of us from IDC, IIT Bombay were selected as Design interns at the Bangalore Office of Google India.

The Internship:
The great thing about being an intern at Google is that you get  access to lots of Google resources: starting right from the latest designs, apps in dogfood to internal knowledge base. And yes, the free food is pretty awesome!

During the internship, I worked with a team. I learned new tools, interacted with team members from multiple Google Offices and fully become a part of the whole process. While reaching out, I got to know many different people with years of experience and you seem to fit into the conversation right away. One other best thing that helps me is the feedback you get form your intern mentor, team members, managers etc. This helped a lot in terms of retrospecting into your own ability and developing further.


Interns during a trip to Nandi Hills

Apart from work, the Google workplace is filled with fun in the sense that they had a small cricket pitch inside the office & you can enjoy video games, ping-pong, foosball, pool boards etc as well when you need a break. Apart from that, the foot massage chair, the keyboard, shower room, dorms (if you need to take a nap) etc kinda makes life easier. We had TGIF, we had field trips and movie nights to add to all the fun.

Towards the end of the internship, you have the choice to opt for a conversion interview. This interview decides whether your internship will be converted to a full time employment at Google, or not. I was told the number of interviews you’ve to undergo in this conversion process depends on each individual but may be upto 6 different interviews. I gave 2.

Finally my internship ended after 9 weeks. By the time, I had delivered designs for a real Google Product which will be launched in the market soon. I think that’s pretty decent!

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